Dementia-Friendly Worship: A Multifaith Handbook for Chaplains, Clergy, and Faith Communities Paperback – June 21, 2019

Religious faith is a powerful source of comfort and support for individuals and families facing dementia. Many faith leaders need help in adapting their ministries to address the worship/spiritual needs of this group. A product of Faith United Against Alzheimer’s, this handbook by 45 different authors represents diverse faith traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Native American. It provides practical help in developing services and creating dementia friendly faith communities.

It gives an understanding of the cognitive, communicative and physical abilities of people with dementia and shows what chaplains, clergy and lay persons can do to engage them through worship. Included are several articles by persons living with dementia.

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Dottie’s Story is about Robin’s rescue dog, Dottie, who served at the respite ministry she directed.  This book is for anyone who loves dogs! $10



This devotion book is for caregivers to use with their loved one with dementia. The chapters are about people in the Old Testament and those Jesus Encountered in the New Testament. There are pictures in the book taken from Robin’s trip to Israel. This book is in large print, making it easy to read side by side. $20



The Friendly Pelican and the Seagull :Short Story about Friendship, Love, and Sacrifice $10


Love…1 Corinthians 13

This devotion highlights, each day, a different component of love. Interactive pictures and questions begin each section followed by scripture related to that component of love. The scripture is followed by reflection questions about the reading and possible actions. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient. $15


The Psalms Devotion
This book is a collection from the book of Psalms. Each section begins with a picture and questions or statements setting up the theme of that psalm. Following the introduction is the scripture. Some sections may contain more than one translation of that scripture. Following the scripture are interactive questions and possible activities. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient. $15

The Fruit of the Spirit Devotional… Based on Galatians 5

This book takes the reader through the 9 sections of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Each section begins with a picture and interactive questions that relate to that section of the fruit. Following the questions are various scriptures relating to that section. The section ends with reflective questions, stories or prayers. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient. $15

Caregiver Devotion Books

Advent to Epiphany Devotional
This book takes the reader into a deeper experience of the nativity narrative. Each section begins with a picture and interactive questions to set up the day’s scripture reading. Each day’s scripture will be about a different person who is part of the nativity story, beginning with Zechariah and ending, with the kings who visited Jesus. Following the day’s scripture are reflective questions. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient. $15

If you would like to order one or more devotion please email me at They are $15 each, with the exception of the book, People in the Old Testament and People Jesus Encountered, which is $20.   Shipping is free.

A Journey from Lent to Pentecost and Beyond was written to help experience Lent and the emotions and experiences leading up to Easter and then after into Pentecost and our life now. As always, these devotions are written with the person with dementia in mind. $20

You can order Walking with Grace Revised directly through me. $17.99

Robin’s Dementia Book List

Hiding the Stranger in the Mirror by Cameron J. Camp

I’m Still Here by John Zeisel, Phd

Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey

Full Circle Spiritual Therapy for the Elderly by Kevin Kirkland and Howard McIlveen

Learning to Speak to Alzheimer’s Jo Anne Koenig Coste

Loving Someone Who Has Dementia by Pauline Boss, PhD

Inside Alzheimer’s by Nancy Pearce

When Words Fail:Practical Ministry to People with dementia and Their Caregivers by Kathy Berry

The 36 Hour Day

No Act of Love is Ever Wasted by Richard Morgan and Jane Thibaut

Welcome to Planet Alzheimer’s by Candace A. Stewart

Coach Broyles’ Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

A Different Visit by Alaina Johns and Cameron Camp

Caregiver Helpbook by Legacy Caregiver Services

The Mindful Caregiver by Nancy L. Kriseman

Meaningful Connections by Nancy L. Kriseman

Dealing with Dementia Guide by the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving

Walking with Grace Revised by Robin Dill

Conversations at the Edge of Life by Richard Morgan

Season’s of Caring by Clergy against Alzheimer’s Network

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