The Spooky Corner Story…a children’s story for Halloween

I wrote this story about Halloween experiences with a faith component with two of my grandchildren. I hope you will enjoy it and share with your children and grandchildren!

Once, in the not too distant past, there were two children named Ike and Morgan. They were a brother and sister who lived with their parents Doug and JoJo in a small town in Mississippi. Theirs was a loving, active family. While Ike and his dad loved sports, Morgan and her mom loved “girly” things like shopping and dressing up. Ike and Morgan were both in elementary school in their small town.

Ike and Morgan loved all festive days of the year. Their grandparents lived in Georgia and many 4th of July holidays were spent attending their small town’s parade. They loved to visit their other set of grandparents in northern Mississippi and attend football pep rallies under the grove in Oxford.

Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were special holidays they loved to celebrate that focused on their faith and family. Special church services, food, and events signaled this time of year. Gift giving, baking, and hearing family stories were reminders to Ike and Morgan of their rich heritage of faith and love.

There was, however, a favorite holiday in the fall of the year that captured their imagination and attention. It was, of course, Halloween. Now, Ike and Morgan began to plan their dressing up ideas way before the month of October arrived on the calendar. Each year they debated on what they would exactly “be” for Halloween. Their parents, creative as they were, seemed always to be up for the challenge of helping create the best costumes for their two children.

As our story begins, we find Ike and Morgan discussing exactly what their holiday and costumes would be like this year…

“Ike, what do you think you are going to dress up as?” Morgan asked her big brother.

“Aw, you know. I am going to be a Ninja master this year.” replied Ike.

“Isn’t that what you were last year?” she asked.

“Yup” was his reply.

“Why don’t you want to be something different?” she asked.

“Morgan, you know that this is my favorite character and besides I already have my costume from last year. I may change it up a little to be a Ninja Master rescuer.” Ike’s imagination began to run wild…”Maybe I will wear a helmet and carry a rope. I might wear a backpack with rescue items in it”

“Hmmm,” she replied. “I am not going to be a ballerina this year. I am thinking about a kitten.”

After a few minutes of talking about their costumes, the discussion turned to where they would go trick or treating and who they might see.

Ike and Morgan lived in a large neighborhood that bordered a tiny neighborhood in their town. Part of the border included an area called Treasure Cove. It was a favorite place to walk and ride bikes but on Halloween, it was transformed into one of the scariest, according to Ike and Morgan, places in the world.

“Ike, I am not sure I will go into Treasure Cove this year. “, speculated Morgan. “I am afraid I will be scared witless when I get to the spooky corner.”

“Aw Morgan, don’t be a fraidy cat. Mom and Dad will be with us. Besides, I can’t wait to see how those house are decorated!” Ike replied.

“Ike, don’t you remember how we ran screaming last year when that black cat jumped out at us? I don’t want to have that happen this year.”

“Morgan, Ike…dinner” their mom called up to them.

The kids quickly forgot their conversation as they washed up for dinner. Their mom was a great cook and they were looking forward to her newest culinary treat!

A few days later….

“Mom, I want to go as a kitten for Halloween this year.” Morgan shared with her mom.

“A kitten? Really? What has brought this idea on?” Morgan’s mom asked.

“Well… remember last year when I got scared at the spooky corner in Treasure Cove?”

“Yes, I do. It took you over an hour to settle down once you got home. I wasn’t sure if it was being scared or all the candy you ate while you were trick or treating.” Morgan’s mom smiled. “I’m teasing, Morgan. You really were scared. So, why a kitten?”

Morgan replied, “I guess if I dress up as a kitten, if that black cat jumps out at me this year, I will scare it because I will be bigger than it!”

“That is a great thought, Morgan. Sometimes we have to stand up to what we are scared of and face it. Then we might realize it isn’t so scary after all.” Her mom smiled. “Something else to think about…”

“Hmmm what?” Morgan asked as she daydreamed about her costume.

“I am thinking about what our pastor said in church last Sunday” her mom said. “Jesus promises to never leave you or forsake you. He can give you courage, as well.”

Morgan looked at her mom. “Even on Halloween?”

“Especially on Halloween when things look scary and distorted. He helps us to see things clearly.”

“Really? He does that? Why?” asked Morgan.

“Because He loves us.” Morgan’s mom said kindly.

Over the next few weeks the weather turned in the small Mississippi town as did the leaves on the trees. Houses displayed pumpkins, scarecrows, and fall mums. Soon it was the day before Halloween and Ike and Morgan were putting their finishing touches on their costumes.

Ike researched what a rescue worker would carry and gathered the necessary items. Morgan’s mom sewed a brown tail to a sweatshirt that Morgan decorated as a kitten. They shopped for ears, mittens that could be turned into feet and make up to turn her face into that of a feline. Morgan even drew a picture of exactly what her face would look like.

Their dad rigged up the golf cart to look like a giant pumpkin so that they could ride from street to street in their large neighborhood. Their mom decorated the yard with friendly scarecrows and corn husks and bales of hay.

That night they cut their pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern to sit on their front walk. Everyone shared their idea of what it should look like, knowing their dad would create something spectacular!

As their dad carved the pumpkin, the kids asked him about what Halloween was like when he was a child. He told them the familiar tale of a rainy Halloween where he slipped and lost all his candy on a dark street. Their mom chimed in with her favorite story of exchanging costumes with her best friend so they could get double the candy. Soon, the carving was complete. How their dad managed to turn a pumpkin into a pirate complete with a parrot on its cheek, no one knew. They all agreed it was his best creation yet. Soon it was bedtime and tomorrow, a Saturday, was Halloween.

Halloween dawned cloudy and cold. A perfect day for dressing up in costumes and trick or treating. The excitement was mounting as Ike and Morgan got ready for the big night. They decided to each invite one of the neighborhood children to walk with them. JoJo would stay home handing out candy while Doug would walk with the children. Would they even make to the house in Treasure Cove at the spooky corner? That was the big question!

Pizza was decided on for dinner and before the kids knew it, dusk was falling and it was time to begin their trick or treating adventure. Before they left the house, JoJo had a few pieces of advice and wisdom to share with the kids. She reminded the kids to use their manners; saying thank you, even if they didn’t like the candy handed out. She also reminded them that some of their elderly neighbors might want an extra minute to chat with them about their costumes. JoJo reminded the kids that this could be an opportunity to share a blessing to these neighbors. Her last bit of advice came as they discussed their route and whether the spooky corner would be part of it.

“Kids, just remember,” JoJo told them, “that even though things might look scary, they could be brave because Jesus was with them. He is bigger and more powerful than spooky stuff. He will be with you, even if you can’t see Him!” She also encouraged them to stick together!

A quick hug and off they went with their empty candy bags and costumes! Doug even dressed up as a cowboy complete with a hat and boots! The excitement of the candy adventure was in the air as they stepped out the door into the gloomy light of early evening. Porchlights blazed as kids ran down sidewalks yelling to friends and neighbors! Ike and Morgan met up with their friends and began going house to house.

All was going great with the kids running up the sidewalks and ringing doorbells. “Trick or Treat” was yelled as the door was opened. Doug hung back and observed. JoJo’s advice was followed as neighbors exclaimed over their creativity and inventiveness! Ike and Morgan, along with their friends, beamed from the praise lavished on them! Halloween was such fun!

The last house on the street loomed and then the big decision. Would the kids want to go into Treasure Cove this year? As they walked down the sidewalk checking out their latest candy, Doug posed the question….

“Where to next kids?” “We can keep going right up the next street or we can go left into Treasure Cove.”

He waited expectantly for the kids to decide. Everyone wanted to go into Treasure Cove, everyone that is except Morgan. She began to breathe hard and her kitten eyes looked a little teary. Doug reminded her that he would be there the whole time and the words her mom reminded her before they left the house.

“Morgan, this might be a great chance for you to face that fear that you felt last year. You are a year older and braver.” Doug reminded her.

“Yeah, Morgan,” Ike chimed in. “Remember what Mom said. Jesus will be there with you and you can face that fear head on with faith. That is what my Sunday school teacher told us last week. She said that when fear comes knocking at your door that you answer with faith.”

Morgan thought about all that was said and took a deep breath.

“OK you guys, let’s go face that spooky house!” she said with conviction.

Off they ran around the corner into Treasure Cove. Doug followed quickly, uncertain if Morgan’s bravery would stand the test. As he rounded the corner, surprise and delight filled his face. Morgan was walking with purpose toward the house on Spooky Corner.

Much later, two tired kids and a weary dad walked up the sidewalk to their house after dropping the friends by their houses.

“How was it?” JoJo called out from her spot on the porch. The kids noticed their candy bucket next to their mom was just about empty. “It has been busy here!”

“Well,” Morgan began. “I remembered your advice and Dad even gave us a choice of not going into Treasure Cove. I decided that it was time to face my fears. You know what?”

“What?” her mom asked patiently.

“As we got closer and closer, my heart started to pound and my hands started to sweat. I kept saying to myself that Jesus is with me.”

“And?” her mom asked.

“Well, when we got to the sidewalk of the spooky house I…” Morgan’s voice trailed off.

“Uh oh” JoJo replied. “You didn’t walk to the house?”

“Nope.” Morgan said dejectedly with a small grin. “I ran! I decided the quicker I did the better so I flew down the side walk past three kids, yelled trick or treat and ran back to Dad. I didn’t even notice the decorations!”

“She was one brave kitten! “ Doug told his wife. “She proved to all of us that she could face her fears and get a little candy in the process!”

That night, after washing all the make-up off her face so that she no longer resembled a kitten, Morgan got into bed and turned to her parents waiting to say prayers and tell her good night.

“Mom and Dad?” Morgan began. “Thanks for being such great parents. Thanks for being there when it is scary. Thanks for taking us to church to learn about Jesus. Thanks for my costume. This was the best Halloween ever!”

Doug and JoJo smiled at their brave daughter. They joined her prayer of thanksgiving and kissed her good night.

Outside, their pumpkin continued to glow into the dark night. Light shining into darkness….

Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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