National Family Caregivers Month-November

If you are a family caregiver, your days and nights are consumed with the care of your loved one. From the moment your feet hit the floor until you lay your head down on your pillow at night, and sometimes through the night, you are committing your time and energies to your loved one’s care. Caregiving is exhausting but could be one of most important roles you might ever hold. I am not sure that there is a national award, like an Emmy or a Grammy, for caregiving. However, Congress deemed your role worthy and has named November as National Family Caregivers Month.  Your role is one recognized as being named a “national” category in a month;not just a day, but a month. This year’s theme is “Caregiving Around the Clock.”

This morning, I stopped at our local Methodist Church In Loganville to see the pastor. My purpose was to engage someone from this church to visit my mother-in-law and bring her communion. Mom grew up, was confirmed, and ordained in the United Methodist Church. Having the blessing of receiving communion from her denomination would be impactful to her spiritual life. Little did I know that I would encounter a host of needs in the church office-all centering around caregiving for people with dementia! I had been trying to stop in and talk to the pastor for a few months, but the office had not been open during times I have gone by the church. Today would be the day and I hit the proverbial jackpot of needs. After I stated my purpose for stopping in and realizing that the pastor had left, I was prompted to ask if anyone in the church was dealing with family members who had dementia. That question opened up a conversation that revealed the need for education, support, and possibly my expertise to this church. Before I left, I prayed with two precious family caregivers. Their need was great and I offered some knowledge, encouragement, and Jesus.

At the risk of appearing mercinary and pushy, I want to take the time in the rest of this blog post to highlight a wonderful gift opportunity for  family caregivers. I spent years sharing Jesus in the form of my devotions to the participants of Grace Arbor. These devotions were written with the intent to share Jesus, His word, and His love with a group of people dealing with memory loss and the volunteers and staff that served there. Over the years, I received the affirmation and incentive to keep writing as I was told over and over  how these devotions touched the lives of those who heard and participated in them. This summer, I began to compile some of those devotions into books to be shared with family caregivers or professional caregivers serving loved ones. I engaged a local printer to create these books in a workable form. They are not formally copyrighted but I credit the scriptural reference in each book. The picture of the cover and the descriptions of each book follows. Many of the photographs are originals taken by me.  If you feel you would like to honor a caregiver in November, one of these books would be a perfect gift.


Love…1 Corinthians 13
This devotion highlights, each day, a different component of love. Interactive pictures and questions begin each section followed by scripture related to that component of love. The scripture is followed by reflection questions about the reading and possible actions. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient.

The Psalms Devotion
This book is a collection from the book of Psalms. Each section begins with a picture and questions or statements setting up the theme of that psalm. Following the introduction is the scripture. Some sections may contain more than one translation of that scripture. Following the scripture are interactive questions and possible activities. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient.

The Fruit of the Spirit Devotional… Based on Galatians 5

This book takes the reader through the 9 sections of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Each section begins with a picture and interactive questions that relate to that section of the fruit. Following the questions are various scriptures relating to that section. The section ends with reflective questions, stories or prayers. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient.

Advent to Epiphany Devotional
This book takes the reader into a deeper experience of the nativity narrative. Each section begins with a picture and interactive questions to set up the day’s scripture reading. Each day’s scripture will be about a different person who is part of the nativity story, beginning with Zechariah and ending, with the kings who visited Jesus. Following the day’s scripture are reflective questions. This book is written in large print for a caregiver to sit side by side their loved one or care recipient.

If you would like to order one or more devotion please email me at They are $15 each and shipping is free.

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